Watch Man Catch Girlfriend at Hotel in Miami With Side Dude, She Claims He is Just The Towel Boy & That is When Story Gets Freaky; Twitter Debates on If It is Fake or Not to Inflate The Hot Girls Stats (Tweets-Vids)

A man seen in a video that may possibly be just a skit, has created a lot of buzz online recently, with what appears may be an affair. The man that goes by the name Mike Ruga, appears to have caught his girlfriend cheating on him in Miami.

In the video, Mike is obviously upset that she has been cheating, and what makes it even more asinine, is the fact the girlfriend tells her boyfriend the guy is just the “towel boy”.

Ironically, all the side piece has on is just a towel!  The boyfriend is in total outrage at this point.  What makes this even more savage is that after the boyfriend admits to having her name tattooed on his back, she states,

“towel boy is not leaving, and neither are you, now come inside”

As mentioned before, this may indeed all be a skit and very well played out if so, but nevertheless, the girl has some guts to pull this off.

#Citygirlz just hit from half court to cut into the lead. #Hotboyz lead trimmed to 30 going into the fourth.

Flip the page to see the girlfriend get a 2 for 1 special and reactions around twitter.

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