Erykah Badu Goes On Long IG Rant About Beating Up Rickey Smiley’s Mom Three Times Before His Mom Came Backstage & Knocked Her Out; Plot Twist Ending (IG Posts)

Erykah Badu took to social media to address an on-going feud with her longtime friend/ex-boyfriend Rickey Smiley’s mother today.

The singer accused Smiley’s mother of constantly showing up to shows ready to fight her as she leaves the stage. Badu says the pop ups have begun to happen so frequently that she starts removing her jewelry as she is wrapping up the show.

Rickey Smiley offered a few words in response to Ms. Badu’s claims about his mother. Thankfully, it seems the two were just joking and engaging in playful back and forth like good friends do.

Flip the page to see their hilarious exchange.

Brittany Turner

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