Chris Johnson on How Running Backs Are Treated Worse Than Kickers in NFL (Video)

Chris Johnson, one of the most dynamic, duo threats out of the backfield, recently spoke with TMZ about the running back position and how backs around the league have been mistreated over the last decade. Chris tells TMZ he wish he never played the position.

Johnson who told TMZ,

“If I could do it all over again,  when that coach came to me and told me, you should switch your position to receiver or cornerback, I would have did it”

CJ2K further states the pay scale is backwards; this is in regards to him mentioning kickers and running backs getting paid similar salaries.

Further, in reference to the pay grades Chris states,

“I really believe in my head, if I played receiver or cornerback, I would still be playing in the league to this day , and still making $15, $16 million a year at those positions”

Chris Johnson who has two sons, goes as far to say that he will force his kids to stay away from the running back position; forcing them to play other positions such as Quarterback, Cornerback, or Wide Receiver.

Looking at Chris’s statement; Backs around the league in recent years such as Lev’eon Bell, and this year Zeke Elliot are having to miss games just to get paid. One injury can cost you your career, and I will continue to reiterate that point. The running backs are getting run into the ground. Some backs get anywhere from 30-40 touches per game. The owners who are billionaires, are wanting athletes to take pay cuts just so they can buy newer yachts are you serious?

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