How This IG Model is Advising Dak Prescott on His Contract Negotiations & Telling Him He’s on Mahomes Level (Pics-Vids-IG)

In a time where athletes won’t let their jump off’s claim them, Dak Prescott has taken a different approach. In the midst of a contract negotiation and the dawn of a new season, Dak has found someone to help take his mind off of things. That person is Instagram Model, Ireland Borba. The Dallas Cowboys QB has been connected with several women, but this one has seemingly taken his heart.

According to SportsGossip, Ireland has been around his teammates and their wives/girlfriends. That is a big jump for someone that was just a summertime fling a couple months ago. The pair have been seen attending his teammates’ wedding. Ireland was also spotted at the Cowboys preseason game, cheering for her man along with his teammate Cooper Rush’s fiance.

Big things seem to be in the future for Prescott. Record-breaking contract? Playoffs? A wife? Maybe this is the year a Cowboys QB gets a ring! This will be an interesting year.

Word on the street is she has been in his ear telling him he is better Patrick Mahomes and should ask for as mich money as possible.

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