Odell Beckham Jr Has Thoughts on 50 Cent & Others Questioning His Sexuality After Underwear Pics; Once Against Addresses If He’s Gay (Photos-IG)

Odell Beckham is back in the news again and it’s not for football again. Once again Odell’s sexuality has been called into question this time by trolling champion 50 Cent. 50 used Odell’s most recent pictures for a Calvin Klein ad to take a shot at Trey Songz.

50 pointed out that he called out Trey Songz for doing a similar shoot last month. This lead to a playful back and forth between the two in which 50 put Trey Songz in “timeout”

OBJ, however, went back at 50 and everyone else one again questioning his sexuality.

Flip the pages to see 50’s comments and OBJ clap back.


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