See What Migos Inspired Nickname Bishop T.D. Jakes Decided to Give Himself In Honor of His Fashion Choices (Tweet-IG-Pics)

Bishop T.D. Jakes apparently came through drippin’.

Jakes has taken to his Twitter account Tuesday and posted a photo as well as a new nickname for himself, that was apparently inspired by Charlamagne last year, per The Jasmine Brand.

Last summer, he had all of social media talking when photos surfaced of him rocking a Versace polo shirt during a sermon. Many jokingly compared him to the three members of the rap group, The Migos!

“Breakfast Club” radio host Charlamagne tha God even joked that his abbreviated first name, T.D., had a hidden meaning all along!

Bishop hilariously commented on Charlamagne’s post, stating that he thought people were making fun of his sweating! He said:

“@bishopjakes @cthagod Here’s the funny part! I’ve been seeing these comments ALL DAY!! I thought “came through dripping” was people teasing me about sweating in my shirt!!! I just found out what it meant!!!!! Maybe, I need to work on my terminologies!!!!!”

Bishop T.D. Jakes is resurrecting social media chatter about his wardrobe with his latest tweet. He’s adopting the nickname Charlamagne gave him to describe his personal style.

The nickname kind of suits him.

Flip the pages for the Bishop’s tweet, the Charlamagne inspired post, as well as some of his best drips.

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