DJ Akademiks Goes on IG and Jokes That Complex Isn’t Helping Him in His Feud With Nicki Minaj & Killer Husband; Complex Gives Him a Gift To Run From Nicki and Her Goons (Video)

Looks like DJ Akademiks has jokes. He went to Instagram to show how he shouldn’t expect any help from Complex in his beef with Nicki Minaj and MTO News had the details.

In an IG video Akademiks shows off  some Adidas Yeezy 500’s that were gifted to him from Complex. He captioned the video:

Damn… Complex told me I’m on my own dealing with Nicki Minaj n her killer goons 😪🥺.. they gave me these n said “Stay Safe in these Skreets” 😪😪😔😔”

The jokes comes from the recent beef between Akademiks and Minaj. DJ Akademiks recently posted some DMs that showed Nicki Minaj threatening him. Nicki was heated after Akademiks recently bashed her music saying she needed features to get plays. AK responded to her messages with:

“Your threat is received. We’ll see each other at some point. Take care, babe.”

Nicki Minaj is showing she isn’t going to let retirement hold her back from a little beef. Flip the page to see DJ Akademiks IG post and the threatening DMs.

Carl Green

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