Take a Look At Insane Cowboys Photo Kiosk That Makes Photos Look 100% Real; Twitter Reacts (Video-Tweets)

This absolutely blew my mind.

On Sunday, during the late games and such, I came across this video of an insane electronic board for Cowboys fans. The board let’s you take pictures with Cowboys players listed on the screen, and it ends up being a masterpiece.

Such a masterpiece in fact that it looks 100% real.

I’m a sucker for the advancements of technology across all fields. Medicine, electronic hardware technology that gives us the insane Cowboys electronic board, and so forth.

This just shows how far the world is coming along in terms of technology. Wouldn’t be surprised if they come up with a way for you to look on to a game from a sideline with virtual reality or something.

Truly excited for stuff like this.

Flip the page to see the video if the virtual reality board that blew the minds of many.