Watch Kelly Oubre Jr Try to Sneak Out Kendall Jenner’s Hotel Room After Jenner Had Kyle Kuzma Take Her To Dinner; Oubre Says He’s Single Even Though SI Model Jasmine Sanders Has Claimed Him (Pics-Vids)

The question really should be which NBA player will Kendall Jenner date next.

It appears at the moment that Jenner has set her sights on Phoenix Suns star Kelly Oubre, Jr.

This according to Sports Gossip.

Oubre was seen sneaking out of Jenner’s hotel room after the two were spotted together on Wednesday night during New York Fashion Week.

This was after Jenner had been seen with Los Angeles Lakers star Kyle Kuzma.

Oubre can be seen wearing the same clothes he was spotted in on Wednesday, Thursday morning as he was photographed coming out of Jenner’s hotel.

The two allegedly had been trying to keep their relationship under wraps, but it clearly appears that they have done a poor job of doing so.

Flip the pages to see the photos of Oubre taking the walk of shame and more.

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