What Happens if The Titans Beat The Browns After All The Hype They Have Created For Themselves? Here is a Breakdown on Why It Could Happen – BlackSportsOnline
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What Happens if The Titans Beat The Browns After All The Hype They Have Created For Themselves? Here is a Breakdown on Why It Could Happen

The Browns have been the talk of the NFL this offseason. After Baker Mayfield put on a show in his rookie year, finally showing promise that he could be the QB savior the Browns have been looking for, the Browns went out and got him a new weapon.

Not just any weapon though, just a simple All Pro WR who’s put up 1000 yards all but once in his young career.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Adding that talent to a team that already has a core of Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, and Nick Chubb spelled complete offensive domination from the Browns.

Plus, even more hype from the inside and out.

The Browns are in a position they haven’t been in since, well maybe ever. They have a roster full of young talent and talented veterans to make the mix a healthy one.

This could spell a dream season for Browns fans, a season they haven’t seen since maybe the days of Bill Belichick.

But with all this hype and astronomical potential brings the chance that it could turn into disaster.

While there is the chance for doomsday, I don’t believe it’ll happen for a couple reasons. The guys on that team are grounded and have been through some of the worst seasons football has ever seen. The hype will be there, but I don’t think it’ll start to rot the team.

Not like the the 2011 Eagles, the only team I’ve seen who has so much hype entering a season.

The Eagles were pegged as heavy Super Bowl favorites after a monster free agency period. Only to see their season absolutely crumble and heavily fall short of the expectations.

The other reason is simply that it doesn’t happen to good teams that often.

In the 100 years of the NFL – showcased in this infographic by Betway below – there have only been a handful of teams with rosters with an ideal mix such as the Browns have to tank spectacularly during the course of the season. It simply doesn’t happen to good teams often.

The Browns could further that hype this Sunday when they take on the Tennessee Titans at home. But even that won’t be an easy task. The Titans have been the poster child for average to above average the last 3 seasons. They’ve gone 9-7 the last 3 years with 1 playoff appearance. Surely building up their reputation as a tough football team, while trying to take the next step themselves.

They carry a not so nice way of playing up to their competition, but playing down to their competition as well. The beginning of that could spell trouble for the Browns. Who if they make mistakes early, the Titans will be ready to pounce.

Just like the 34-10 drubbing the Titans gave to the New England Patriots last season, the eventual Super Bowl champions.

Marcus Mariota presents a challenge as well. As he has a tendency to show up and show up well in big games on the road.

Combine that with a stingy defense and a coaching staff that has a season of experience under their belt, this could spell a surprising Titans win on Sunday.

It won’t be easy for the Browns to capitalize on the hype early. But if they do, they could be on the verge of something special.

If they don’t, well let’s just say Colin Cowherd will be talking about the Browns all the way up to week 2.

Flip the page for my 7 things to watch for in Titans vs Browns.

PLUS my score prediction for the game.

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