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David Fizdale Suggests Lighting Sage To Save The Knicks; Will It Work?

After last night’s brutal loss against the 76ers, that 4-15 record is not a pretty thing to look at. During the post-game conference, Knicks head coach David Fizdale says he might light sage to save the team.

Sage is word I’ve been seeing everywhere lately, and by lately, I mean in the past 1-2 years on social media. As someone who grew up with it because of a Latino household, let’s first explain what sage is for those who might still not know.

For starters, you’re suppose to sage with a clean and open mind if you want positivity to make it’s way into your life. Sage is an ancient spiritual ritual that you can do in many ways, based on your culture. Some use it for allergies and others mainly use it to clear negative energy.

Enter David Fizdale’s quote.

Last night’s game was one in which fans were super engaged in the first half. The Knicks had superb ball movement and quite possibly, one of the best offensive possessions that they’ve had all season. Between Julius Randle and Taj Gibson, they were putting on a show. Fans couldn’t help but notice the bench – Kevin Knox and Allonzo Trier didn’t play last night.

As most Knicks game have been in the past 4 seasons, they can’t seem to close it and give up the lead in the second half. There were plenty of opportunities that were missed. The team missed 14 free throws and their struggle at the free throw line just continues.

During the post-game conference with Fizdale, many questions were asked and he ended it with, “Brother, I’m about to light some sage.” It made everyone laugh but truly speaking, can sage actually get rid of the negativity that’s plaguing the team?

At this point, it doesn’t hurt to try it. You just have to believe in it in order for a solution to come. Sage on, Fizdale.

The Knicks are back at home tomorrow and will face the Boston Celtics.