How The Wife of Saints DE Cameron Jordan Allegedly Hacked Into His Phone & Pretending to Be Him on Social Media to Try to Trick an IG Model Into Confessing an Affair, But There is a Plot Twist (Pics-IG-DMs)

Cameron Jordan of the New Orleans Saints was the subject of an investigation to uncover information from a woman his wife Nikki Jordan believed to be his side piece.

To get the inside scoop on her husband, Nikki Jordan posed as Cameron Jordan and initiated a conversation with the woman per Sports Gossip, unfortunately, the alleged side chick sensed that something was awry and decided not to spill any tea on Cameron Jordan.

It’s unclear if the lady on the other end of Nikki Jordan’s attempt to find out details about her husband’s secret activities stayed quiet out of loyalty or lack of knowledge, but we do know Mrs. Jordan has no future as a detective.

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