Tom Brady Replacing Ryan Tannehill as Tennessee’s Starting QB? That Discussion & More In BSO’s Tennessee Titans Mailbag (Tweets) – BlackSportsOnline
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Tom Brady Replacing Ryan Tannehill as Tennessee’s Starting QB? That Discussion & More In BSO’s Tennessee Titans Mailbag (Tweets)

You ask and I answer.

For the first time in a long time, I’ll be taking your Titans questions, and answering them to the best of my ability. No guarantees my responses will leave you satisfied though, so keep that in mind.

Now that all warnings are out the way, let’s get to your questions.

Well, since being drafted 5th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft, Corey Davis hasn’t found the consistency you’d want from a top 5 pick.

He’s only gone over 700 yards receiving once, and has only had over 45 receptions in a season once, both in his supposed breakout 2018 year in which Davis had 65 receptions for 891 yards.

To follow up that “breakout” year, Davis finished the 2019 year with only 43 catches for 601 yards, falling back into the unforgiving waters of mediocrity, waters I’m sure Davis didn’t want to find himself in once again.

Long story short, he’s been somewhat of a disappointment.

Now he hasn’t been in the friendliest of passing offenses, and most of the quarterback play around him hasn’t been pretty.

But those sort of numbers are unacceptable, even with the obstacles that have stood in Davis’ way.

Right now, the likelihood of the Titans handing Corey Davis an extension isn’t all that high, as you would expect.

Things can change though, especially if Davis finds the goldmine known as consistency, and if Arthur Smith finds a way to clean up the sloppiness in the design of the passing offense.

If things don’t change, you can always try to sign him for cheapish, as his upside if too large to ignore. But there’s always a team that’ll pay big money in hopes of their coaching staff helping Davis tap a lot more into the potential he possesses.

My timeline was in flames when Robinson’s comments dropped.

If you missed it, Jon Robinson strongly supported the idea of resigning Derrick Henry, while not publicly committing to resigning Ryan Tannehill during his combine presser on Tuesday.

While that whole sequence was rich and juicy for all you lovers of drama, you’ll be disappointed to hear that Robinson’s words were simply generic in nature.

Nothing more.

Now, while on the topic of quarterbacks.

The Titans have been brought up as a possible landing spot for Tom Brady for some time now, before last season started in fact.

They’ve been nothing but rumors though, and they’ll probably stay as rumors.

Listen, Tom Brady being a Titan would shake things up for sure, but I highly doubt Brady will leave the stable and familiar Patriots, for an unpredictable Titans squad that still has some problems scheme wise on the offensive side of the ball.

I think it’s nothing short of a pipe dream, but if I’ve learned anything during my life, it’s that the NFL offseason is an unpredictable rollercoaster that leaves NOTHING off the table.

On to Jordan Love, he’s a fascinating prospect. He has a strong arm, his mobility is also an added plus, and his overall upside is pretty salivating.

But his flaws are concerning.

His accuracy isn’t near what it needs to be, and he has a bit of a turnover problem

I believe he’d need to be in a favorable situation if he wants early success, one with a coaching staff that’s able to limit those negative plays Love tends to make.

Maybe like Mahomes’ situation in Kansas City.

Not saying Love is anything what Mahomes is.

If the Titans do sign Brady, drafting Love and letting him sit for a year or 2 to learn from Brady doesn’t sound all too bad.

But I don’t believe the Titans will sign Brady, nor do I think Love will fall down to 29.

Once again, a pipe dream.

Usually the tight end spot wouldn’t be much of a question for the Titans. Delanie Walker has been fantastic ever since he signed on the dotted line as a free agent in 2013, even jumping into the conversation as being one of the more elite tight ends in all of football as the years have passed by.

But injuries the past 2 seasons, and worries about Walker’s age, have left Walker’s future as a Titan in doubt.

Walker could be out of a Titans uniform as soon as this offseason, as the Titans would be hit with only a $1.6M penalty if they decide to let Walker go.

Jonnu Smith was drafted to be Walker’s eventual replacement in 2017, but he hasn’t been nearly as good as Walker has been.

Playing to the level of arguably the best tight end in this franchise’s history is an extremely tall task obviously, so no sort of slight to Jonnu.

However, I love Jonnu’s potential going forward, his athleticism opens up a new world of ways Arthur Smith can exploit his skillset.

Anthony Firkser is a good option in that tight end group as well.

I just don’t see a scenario where the Titans spend delicious early round draft capital on a tight end.

Of course any team with a pick this low has a good chance of trading down, especially when their roster is just about set.

With that being said, I think this scenario ties heavily into what the Titans do in free agency.

Do they go after a top tier pass rusher like Jadeveon Clowney or Yannick Ngakoue? Or do they stand pat and sign some low cost pieces in free agency, while maneuvering their way through the draft?

A lot of questions without a concrete answer.

I can’t read Jon Robinson’s mind, so I have no idea what his plans are for this offseason.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

The thing is, this class is pretty top heavy across the board.

Whether it’s QB, OT, EDGE, there aren’t a boatload a lot of guys you can get on a bargain with value this offseason.

However, one low cost/value guy I think the Titans should really take a look at is Jason Peters.

Now I use the term low cost with a bit of caution, as I believe he can get a bit more money on the open market, but not enough to scare the Titans away.

Jack Conklin is set to hit the open market, and he’ll have a lot of suitors trampling over each other for his services.

Obviously it wouldn’t be wise to just let Conklin walk for a reasonable price, but I think the Titans are facing a situation where they could simply be turned off by Conklin’s price tag.

Plugging in Peters at right tackle, who’s said in the past that he’s willing to move over to the right side, wouldn’t be too bad of an option for the Titans.

Thanks for the questions!