Why Future is Using The RONA as a Way to Evade Taking a DNA Test to Prove He’s Eliza Reign Baby Daddy (IG-Pics-Vids) – BlackSportsOnline
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Why Future is Using The RONA as a Way to Evade Taking a DNA Test to Prove He’s Eliza Reign Baby Daddy (IG-Pics-Vids)

Atlanta Rapper Future seemingly continues to stay one step ahead of the woman who claims to be the mother of his 1-year-old daughter.

Initially, Eliza Reign took Future to court in an effort to establish parental responsibility by way of DNA testing as well as construct a financial plan for Future to begin to take care of his child.

Things since have become a lot more complicated in the case, Future retaliated by raising legal concerns of his own against Eliza Reign, in a lawsuit filed against Eliza, Future accused his alleged baby mama of defaming his name on social media and other public outlets.

In conjunction with his lawsuit against Eliza Reign for defamation, Future also filed a motion through his legal team to the court to place a gag order on Eliza Reign and prevent her from making any further public comments about the rapper going forward.

The legal counter-moves made by Future according to Eliza Reign amount to nothing more than stall tactics with the goal of draining her finances to pay for legal representation, furthermore Eliza believes Future is intentionally using legal proceedings to dodge submitting to a DNA test.

Although Future was ordered by the courts to at the very least take the DNA test, he’s managed to avoid fulfilling the court’s wishes. Eliza Reign hopes the judge will see through Future’s blueprint and throw out the lawsuit filed against her and bring the hammer down in her paternity case to once and for all bring things to a close.

Even while engaging in a legal battle with Eliza Reign, Future has kept his love life intact with Lori Harvey throughout his seemingly neverending legal issues with women he is accused of impregnating.

For Eliza Reign, things may have already been moving at a snail’s pace, to begin with, now that the Coronavirus has ground the nation to a halt, her aspirations of securing the bag will have to hold off for the foreseeable future.

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