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Video: Watch Dave Chappelle Completely Obliterate Candace Owens

One of the most “tell you like it is” comedians known to man, that speaks on very controversial topics, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind Dave Chappelle, along with Netflix dropped an exclusive special overnight highlighting topics such as Kobe Bryant, Candance Owens, and the unfortunate and brutal killing of George Floyd.

Chappelle, who isn’t gunshy completely ethers MAGA Candance Owens, who is known to speak out of her A** but in an articulate way, trying to be the blackface for Trump. Owens, who has tried to magnify George Floyd’s past when mentioning his death is just another reason why when you speak bad on the African American culture, the mainstream media will have a place for you to display your antics.

In addition, he touches on police brutality, social inequality African Americans face on a daily basis, and constant racism that has endured our culture for over 400 years.

Dave also reveals how the passing of Kobe affected him, and his absence from attending the Grammy’s.

Flip the page to see clips from Dave Chappelle’s new special entitled “8:46”

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