Lakers Podcaster Vivian Flores Accused of Catfishing & Faking Her Disappearance; Kevin Durant Speaks on It – BlackSportsOnline
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Lakers Podcaster Vivian Flores Accused of Catfishing & Faking Her Disappearance; Kevin Durant Speaks on It

I am going to try to break this down as best I can.

A couple of days ago Josh Toussaint tweeted asking to help find Lakers Podcaster Vivian Flores who had gone missing.  People were really concerned because she was going through cancer treatments.

A lot of big-name celebrities (like O’Shea Jackson) and verified sites (Toussiant even said the Lakers organization were helping) chipped in to help try to find her.  Everyone was truly concerned about her well-being because a young woman going missing especially one with cancer is something that people could rally around.

Everyone was praying for her safe return and earlier today Toussaint said she had been found (also said he was looking for her all weekend himself in 93-degree heat, but more on that later).  Everyone celebrated that she was home safe and sound and Toussaint thanked everyone for their support.

Shortly after the news of Vivian’s safe return Kevin Durant and others were on Twitter spaces having a discussion about catfishing when they started speaking about a guy named Big Kingz who claimed he was catfished by Vivian.

Mr. Kingz hopped on the Twitter spaces to confirmed the story of how he had been duped.

He had falling head over heels in love and he and Vivian starting dating strictly off their Twitter interactions. He asked her to Facetime him many times but she refused and at first Mr. Kingz let it go because she was giving him gifts.

Eventually, Mr. Kingz figured out he wasn’t talking to the woman he was seeing in the photos and deduced it was actually Josh Toussaint he was communicating with via DMs and texts and that might be trying to set him up to rob him.

After he broke up with her she mysteriously went missing and Mr. Kingz found the timing of that to be extremely suspicious.

Kevin Durant took this to mean that Mr. Kingz hasn’t been with a lot of women, but that is another conversation for another day.

The internet detectives started doing a little digging and found that a lot of Vivian’s pics were very bad photoshops from places that she wasn’t at like Lakers games.  They also notice she seemed to have multiple faces photoshopped on pics and when you compared like three different photos it looked like three different women.

At this moment, Vivian reappeared on Twitter to defend herself and deny that she is a catfish.

People have asked her to just go live on Twitter to clear everything up, but at the moment she has refused, which only seems to confirm everyone’s suspicions including the people who were previously supporting her and actively trying to find her after she allegedly disappeared.

Toussaint himself then reappeared to say he has was duped and started to delete tweets from when he was asking everyone to find her, but there are people who believe he is in fact, Vivian.

Toussaint did a Twitter live to prove that he is a real person and to explain why he was doing all this for someone he never met in person. He claims he was betrayed, went live to plead his case and posted evidence that may or may not clear him depending on who you believe.

Also, we have information from a DJ producer named ChumZilla who says this could be a catfishing network that has been around for 11 years.

Over 12 hours later Vivian gets back on Twitter and posts a video of herself to show she is a real person, but she spells her own name wrong in the video. Lakers Twitter demand she gets on LIVE.

What in the blue hell?

Will the truth ever come out? Who knows, but alas this is pretty standard stuff for 2021 to be honest.

Flip the pages for Kevin Durant and O’Shea Jackson speaking on it, the heavy evidence against Ms. Flores, Ms. Flores defending herself on Twitter, some deleted tweets, and much much more.

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