High School Baseball Coach Peter Flood Told Black Player He Couldn’t Play His N*gger Music Before Game – BlackSportsOnline
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High School Baseball Coach Peter Flood Told Black Player He Couldn’t Play His N*gger Music Before Game

Here we have another case of a coach in the high school ranks using a racial slur directed towards their own players. In this case, the perp is Peter Flood, a baseball coach at Olathe North High School in Kansas City. The player of the only black kid on the team says his son told him that Coach Flood walked up to the player after his music was playing over the loudspeakers for pre-game warmups and said “We don’t play that (racial slur) music”.

Flood then proceeded to tell the player that country and Rock & Roll were the only accepted genres to play.

The Olathe Public Schools Administration announced on Friday that Flood “has been placed on administrative leave and is recommended to be immediately terminated”.

After the district did some investigating, they said they are appalled Floods remarks and his comments were “absolutely unacceptable.”

We are appalled by the remarks made by the Olathe North head baseball coach and have thoroughly investigated the situation. The staff member has been placed on administrative leave and a recommendation for immediate termination has been submitted to the Board of Education. The comments made are absolutely unacceptable. In the Olathe Public Schools, our priority is the well-being of ALL our students. Racist and derogatory statements will never be tolerated. This is not who we are in Olathe. Our focus now is on the support and care of our students.

Due to this controversy surrounding Coach Flood’s uncertainty, the district announced that the game they had scheduled for Friday was canceled.

The Olathe Board of Education will have a special meeting Monday morning to discuss Flood’s future.

Flood was also the head football coach at Olathe North from 2006-11, leading the Eagles to the 2009 Class 6A state championship.

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