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Kwame Brown Speaks on Charlamagne Tha God Saying His Family is Crazy

I swear it’s like Kwame Brown is a Duracell battery, he keeps going and going. I never knew this from his play, but he has been touching on all the smoke…pun intended. Brown went back on his YouTube channel and went on to add more context to this story. Brown says how all these people that have talked about him in the past few days, from Charlemagne the God to Matt Barnes, none of them have yet to talk to him directly instead just talking about him.

“So y’all just gonna let these people not talk to me, but talk bout me?”

Brown touches on how the media has been painting a picture of him and again takes shots at The Breakfast Club.

“How come this n**** Charlemagne ain’t in nobodies cuffs. And D.J. Envy, why is this n*gga on tv he walks like a broken and defeated man. He just walks like his wife kick him in the ass in the morning.

He then goes to say all of this was never about basketball but more so defending himself from what he calls “the peanut gallery.” aka the media.

That just goes to show you that the peanut gallery sticks.

Kwame definitely holds nothing back. It will be interesting to see when or if this guy will ever get the opportunity to speak to someone that has been criticizing him, one on one.

You can watch the full video of Kwame speaking on what he believes is a complete dismissal of talking to him before they say what they say.

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