Tony Buzbee Says NFL is Lying About Not Having Talked to Deshaun Watson’s Massage Accusers – BlackSportsOnline
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Tony Buzbee Says NFL is Lying About Not Having Talked to Deshaun Watson’s Massage Accusers

Attorney Tony Buzbee is quite upset at the NFL.

Despite his clients holding 22 active lawsuits against Deshaun Watson, he will be allowed to participate at the beginning of training camp for the Houston Texans. Buzzbee is claiming the league has more than enough evidence to hold Watson back from attending team activities.

“To suggest the NFL hasn’t got enough information or has not been provided access, that’s just demonstrably false,” Buzbee told Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston. “I think if you ask the NFL directly they would have to admit that.

“I don’t control the corroborating witnesses,” he said. “Maybe they reached out to witnesses who do not want to cooperate. I don’t know. Obviously, the NFL has no subpoena power and everybody’s doing this voluntarily. I don’t know who the sources are or what they’re saying, but I do know my staff has spent many, many, many hours voluntarily, because the NFL asked us to, and these women have went out of their way to provide information. . . . My question would be how many times do you need to hear the same thing over and over until you draw a conclusion? That’s my problem with this whole thing and I don’t [care] if Deshaun Watson plays or not. That’s not my issue. That has nothing to do with this case. . . .

“It seems like most people are spending their time guessing whether Watson will play and with whom he will play and ignore the big elephant in the room, which is what about the 22, 25, 26, whatever the number is women, who had contact with him who are making some incredibly serious allegations?”

This whole Deshaun Watson situation seems likely to spill over till at least the start of preseason. The NFL has a history of acting slowly when it comes to disciplining players. Most recently it took them a few games before they dropped a 6 game suspension on Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekial Elliot.

We will see how this plays out.

Flip the page for some of the evidence against Watson.

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