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PJ Washington Says Brittany Renner Won’t Let Him See His Son and is Holding Him Hostage

Charlotte Hornets star PJ Washington has definitely been going through it this offseason when it comes to his baby mama, Brittany Renner. He initially subtweeted her by saying how she was faking their relationship all along, as they’ve been linked to each other since his college days at Kentucky in 2019.

Renner and Washington ended up having a child this past May. Things seemed to go smoothly, but in July, the Hornets Forward subliminally claimed that Renner was faking the relationship all along. Renner hasn’t fully explained what caused things to go downhill, though.

Now, Washington claims that Renner won’t let him see their son at all. This comes in the midst of rumors of how he supposedly has to pay Renner $200,00 per month in child support. Washington went on to shut that speculation down on Twitter, as he said, “stop the cap.”

This is a little confusing because fathers and mothers have equal rights to their children, so how is Renner holding the child hostage?

What in the hell is really going on here?

Renner hasn’t commented on Washington’s tweets and Instagram posts. She is still on a club tour and took pictures and videos at the club over the weekend.

What she has said is that Washington needs to stop pretending to be a victim. 

It seems like we are headed for some messy legal situation.

There are no child support or custody orders in place, so it looks like that will be Washington’s next move if he truly wants either split or full custody of his son.

There does seem to be a part of the story missing.

No one seems to know exactly why they broke up, but that might be the key to figuring out why Renner has apparently moved out of Washington’s home and is not allowing him access to his son.

Once we figured out what caused the breakup, I think all the other puzzle pieces will fall into place.

Flip the page to see Washington crying on social media about not being able to see his son.

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