Lil Mo Is Triggered By Fat Joes ‘Dusty B****’ And ‘Crack’ After Battling Her Own Addictions – BlackSportsOnline
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Lil Mo Is Triggered By Fat Joes ‘Dusty B****’ And ‘Crack’ After Battling Her Own Addictions

Lil Mo appeared on TMZ today to speak on Fat Joes’ remarks towards her during his Verzuz battle with Ja Rule.

At the battle, Fat Joe referred to Lil Mo and Vita as “dusty b******” and said Ja Rule found them somewhere in a crack house. Lil Mo called these comments triggering since she was battling a opioid addiction.

“Everyone may have seen me speak up recently on being clean from opioid addiction,” she said. “So saying, ‘Those are the kind of b****** you get from the crack house,’ it’s like, ‘Whoa.’ We’ve seen the recent deaths from people overdosing and stuff — from the DMXs to Michael K. Williams. Like, we not gonna play those type of games ’cause you don’t know what anybody’s dealing with.”

Despite not being happy with the comment, Mo expressed her excitement to be up on the stage during the Vezruz  expressed her excitement in being able to appear on the Verzuz stage and being able to perform her classic hits.

Before she heard the comment, she was backstage when her daughter texted her that Joe was ‘talking too much’ even though they embraced each other after his sound check.

“I didn’t realize all that stuff was being said prior to when we arrived,” Lil Mo continued. “When I got off the stage the first time, that’s when I saw the comments like, ‘Oh he wrong for that!'”

“You can’t tell me how I’m supposed to feel,” she said. “I still have triggers. I’m healing, but I’m not all the way there. So I was actually disappointed and kind of humiliated for people who may be battling addictions or just certain terms nowadays, they’re just not gonna fly. So, people have to be accountable.”

Lil Mo want to make something clear, she doesn’t want anyone to be canceled over this but she wants to stick up for people that went through addictions and that it’s not funny to make jokes about it.

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