Lions RB D’Andre Swift Accused Of Murdering Zahair Way Who Planned to Rob Him of $15k – BlackSportsOnline
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Lions RB D’Andre Swift Accused Of Murdering Zahair Way Who Planned to Rob Him of $15k

Three things you need to know right from the beginning.

  1. There was a murder on July 4th of 2021 in Philadelphia that happened at 3 am that hasn’t been solved.
  2. The tipline doc accusing D’Andre Swift of that murder is 100% real.
  3. The Philly PD confirmed the tip was real but stated Swift isn’t being investigated as of right now.

Swift is practicing with the team and looks good to start Week 1 as the Lions starting running back.

Here is the information we know about the murder via CBS Philly.

Police are searching for a gunman after a man was shot and killed in West Philadelphia’s Overbrook Park neighborhood. The shooting happened around 3 a.m. Sunday on the 1300 block of Westbury Drive.

Police found a man shot in the chest and rushed him to the hospital, where he died.

No arrests have been made, but a weapon has been recovered.

This lines up with what the tipster claimed happened.

According to the tipster, a man named Zahair Way planned to rob D’Andre Swift of $15k at gunpoint. Unfortunately for Zahair, when he tried to pull off the robbery, he was allegedly shot by Swift, who, when he saw that Zahair was still moving, came back to finish the job.

Once again, Philly PD acknowledges the murder happened and that they took the tip seriously, but say at the moment Swift isn’t being investigated.

It is an interesting word choice instead of just saying Swift has no involvement or that he isn’t a suspect in the case. To say that he isn’t being investigated right now leaves the door open for him to be investigated in the future. We also know that cops lie a lot, so we have no idea what the state of the investigation for this murder is.

Hopefully, for Swift’s sake, it is nothing, and his name will be cleared immediately. He might want to have his lawyer or PR person make a statement on his behalf.

Flip the page for the official tipsheet doc and what the cops had to say.

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