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Lyfe Jennings on His 6 Baby Mamas Living Off His $10k a Month in Child Support

Lyfe Jennings is no stranger to expressing his feelings on social media. He had an incident with American Airlines where he accused them of racially profiling him while trying to sit in first class. Now Jennings has taken to social media to address the women he pays child support to.

Via his Instagram stories, Jennings wrote,

“I’m a bitter baby mama’s worst nightmare. They have to see me on TV or hear my music; I stay successful no matter how hard they try to bring me down, and they can’t succeed ’cause they too worried about me lol. I’d hate me toooooo.”

This subliminal message appears to be in response to another feud with one of his baby mothers. As you know, Jennings is a father of 7. Jennings continued.

“Even right now they reading this wanting to respond soooo bad, but they can’t, u know why??? Cause they blocked lmfao! u supposed to be happy in ya 40s lol I know i am! Cause I mind my business and my business is ME!!!! […] just a little reminder… ask yaself foreal where u be without my 10K a month??? Let’s be real… Humble yaself, I’m a blessing in ya life.”

It’s unclear whether he is paying $10k for multiple children of one child. He also chose not to name any names, but in a post on Oct. 1, he posted a picture of one of his daughters with the caption, “Daddy’s gonna fight for you baby..hope you see this.” So we can assume it has to do with her mother.

What do you think about all of this? It seems like maybe he should just stop having babies, and that would correct the problem.

Flip the page to view the post he made calling out one of his baby mamas, as well as the post of his daughter.

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