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Rick Ross Upset At Too Many Men at the Club Smoking Hookah Together

Rick Ross took some time out of his busy schedule to send a message on why guys are making money and flexing it for the wrong reasons.

Ross on Instagram, reposted on Twitter, explains why many men in the club spend all of this money and dress nice and why they are actually doing all of it to impress other men.

For the n—-s that are getting money, I pray you n—-s ain’t getting money just to show other niggas you gettin money,” Ross said. “I pray you n*ggas aint getting money to get dressed up to stand around other niggas. Nigga you better be getting enough money to hold the whole squad down, the whole family down, the whole team down.”

Ross continues that while he is on tour, he sees many guys in the club with their own section, looking at each other, passing around the same hookah.

Sometimes we get to these after parties and it will be a section full of niggas. Niggas looking at each other, biggas passing the same hookah around to ten niggas, aint not bi****s in the section, they looking crazy at the bi****s, what are we doing this for brother.”

The boss may have a point. It’s hard enough trying to make a dollar, but to flex it in front of guys you know nothing about seems a bit lame, in my opinion.

The only thing I will say is that I have seen plenty of Rick Ross videos where he is surrounded by nothing but, yes men, and there is always a lot of them, especially on stage, so there is some irony here is the BOSS’ comments. Pot calling the kettle black, some would say.

Flip the page to watch the full video of Rick Ross addressing the issue and the Twitter reactions.

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