Dwyane Wade on Feeling Guilty About His Son Who He Had While on a Break With Gabrielle Union Not Living With Him – BlackSportsOnline
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Dwyane Wade on Feeling Guilty About His Son Who He Had While on a Break With Gabrielle Union Not Living With Him

Dwayne Wade has opened up about the challenges he’s facing for not living with his youngest son, Xavier Wade, and he made this known in his photographic memoir titled Dwyane, which was released this week.

In 2013, Dwayne Wade and his “longtime friend” Aja Metoyer welcomed Xavier Wade when he and Gabrielle Union were on a temporary break, and it seems since then, Dwayne hasn’t gotten enough father-son moment with Xavier.

During that time, Gabrielle Union was having issues with fertility, and she later spoke about it in her second memoir. She wrote:

“The experience of Dwyane having a baby so easily–while I was unable to–left my soul not just broken into pieces, but shattered into fine dust scattering in the wind.”

In the memoir Dwyane, the former NBA star talks about not living with Xavier Wade and not getting to see him every day. He writes:

“Xavier doesn’t live with me, so we don’t get to see each other every day like I do with my other kids. It makes things challenging at times, but it’s my job to make sure he never has to carry that weight.”

“It’s up to me to make sure he knows he’s being raised with love even if we don’t live under the same roof. And it’s up to me to let him know that while distance may physically separate us at times, I’m always going to be the man he can depend on to love him and help lead him.”

“What I’ve come to learn over my life is that fatherhood isn’t a monolithic image that looks the same in every household. Each relationship is different. All I’m concerned about with Xavier is him always knowing he’s loved.”

It is tough to be the kid that doesn’t get to stay with his millionaire, super famous dad. It appears Wade is trying to make sure he doesn’t feel different or isolated. Sometimes you can feel left out and that you were a mistake, so it is nice to hear these words from Wade, especially when Union sort of made it about her and not the child.

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