Ex-Amazon Driver Tywan George Says He Was Delivering a “Package” to Woman in Back of His Van in Viral Video – BlackSportsOnline
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Ex-Amazon Driver Tywan George Says He Was Delivering a “Package” to Woman in Back of His Van in Viral Video

The one thing a person shouldn’t do is mess around when they’re on the job, knowing it can hurt their reputation.

Ex-Amazon truck driver Tywan George has no real excuse for why he had his white female friend in the back of his truck while working.

“Tywan says he knew he was going to be in big trouble when the video went viral because he knows how the Jeff Bezos company operates. The video led to tons of racy speculation about what exactly the two of them were getting into back there … and Tywan’s account is dripping with sexual innuendo,” per TMZ.

What’s stupid about George’s statement is he literally said “no packages were missing.” The purpose of delivering packages rather it be from FedEx, UPS and Amazon, it’s to place mail at the door step as opposed to bringing the recipient to the van to get it. The question that was asked was why was the white woman in the back of the van and George made it about nothing coming up stolen.

George lost his mind when he believed every man in America would’ve done the same thing. If that were true, Amazon drivers would increase the unemployment rate. At the end of the day, George deserved to get fired, and he laughed it off, knowing what really happened.

It’s clear George had sex with the white woman because she was someone he labeled as his “partner” or friend.

This is not about him doing his job but rather giving the woman his package while delivering packages.

Dr. Umar Johnson will be pissed when he hears about George speaking about this.

In the end, George doesn’t seem that upset about losing his job. He is doing TikTok dance videos mocking what happened and is loving his 15 minutes of fame, which is about to be over by the time this post goes live.

Flip the page for George speaking about delivering “packages” and why he has no regrets about what he did.

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