LaMelo Ball’s 33-Year-Old Girlfriend Ana Montana Justifies Dating Him When He Was Only 19-Years Old – BlackSportsOnline
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LaMelo Ball’s 33-Year-Old Girlfriend Ana Montana Justifies Dating Him When He Was Only 19-Years Old

There has been a lot of talk about how women are dating young men lately and how the conversation would be different if it were the other way around.

Brittany Renner and PJ Washington have been at the center, but there has also been LaMelo Ball and Ana Montana.

Montana is 33 while Melo is 20, and she’s gotten a lot of criticism for the pairing.

There is reportedly a new couple that shares a big age difference with Kim Kardashian, who is 41, and Pete Davidson, who is 27. That is a 14 year age difference, so it makes sense when Montana saw a tweet saying no one cares about their age difference like hers and Melo’s, which is only 13 via Awesemo.

It seems like people always miss the point with this.

There is a big difference between a 50-year-old dating a 29-year-old and 30-year-old dating a 19-year-old.  It isn’t the number of years but the maturity of the person you are dating. That is why people think Ana Montana is weird. What does a 33-year-old woman have in common with a 19-year-old boy?

Charlotte Hornets star LaMelo Ball has kept his purported relationship with Instagram model Ana Montana under wraps over the past few months.

That all changed this week.

In a series of posts on social media, Ball appeared to let the cat out of the bag.

In recent weeks Montana has gotten brutally honest about the youngest Ball brother and what he could mean for her future. She went this route in direct response to criticism she received for attending a special event of his and the general trajectory of their relationship.

While Montana has caught some heat for her apparent coupling with Ball, it’s worth remembering that he also very much pursued things. He bragged rather publicly about his one simple trick for pulling women like Montana – so he clearly enjoys the attention he gets, too.

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