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Brittany Renner On Being Inspired By Superhead and Which Athletes Made Her Sign NDA

Brittany Renner is known for many crazy things and one is dealing with rich and powerful men. She has opened up on the men she slept with how some of them made her sign NDAs, so she wouldn’t be able to talk about their encounters in public.

Brittany Renner in an exclusive interview with Vladtv couldn’t name her ex-boyfriends who made her sign NDAs but the point is that she signed NDAs after sleeping with these men.

The NDAs still hold hence refusing to name her ex-boyfriends during the interview. Via Vladtv:

Brittany Renner opened up about writing her tell-all book, Judge This Cover, and she explained that she didn’t think it was relevant to name her exes. After admitting that she was inspired by Karrine Steffans to write her book, Brittany revealed that the book gave her the biggest payday of her career. Brittany then revealed some of her biggest splurges, including dropping thousands on makeup and expensive shoes.

NDAs in sports and entertainment aren’t unusual. Some of the biggest athletes in sports force their side checks to sign contracts to make sure their relationships never go public. I know athletes that make any woman they sleep with sign a consent form before they have relations.

I asked his agent why and the answer I got.

“I never want to see him on TMZ or BSO for that matter.”

Even in her book Brittany Renner never says any names it is just very easy to figure out who she is talking about if you are able to read between the lines.

Renner says she is coming out with another book that will detail her failed relationship with Hornets PJ Washington.

Would you purchase that book?

While you ponder that, flip the pages for the VladTV interview and more photos of Ms. Renner from her media tour.

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