Brittany Renner Regrets Saying It Isn’t Hard To Trap a Athlete Because They Don’t Wear Condoms – BlackSportsOnline
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Brittany Renner Regrets Saying It Isn’t Hard To Trap a Athlete Because They Don’t Wear Condoms

Brittany Renner wants people to believe she didn’t trap Hornets PJ Washington, but she keeps saying stuff to make people think she did. However, she’s doing a little damage control and is really trying to convince people she didn’t trap him.

The latest is in an interview with VladTV.

Renner talks about when she said it was easy to get a bag off an athlete by getting pregnant because they don’t wear condoms.

In response to what she said, Renner says she was mortified when she saw the video go viral. Especially after having a child by an athlete.

In this clip, Brittany Renner addressed a viral video where she told viewers that athletes don’t wear condoms, adding that it’s easy to get a bag off of them by getting pregnant. Brittany admits that she’s mortified by the video now after having a kid with an athlete, and she added that the video made her look worse.

She also explains why she said it.

Maybe she’s changed her way of thinking. Who knows.

Renner went on another rant today about being broke.

There isn’t a person I know that could handle what I’ve been put through. I’m so happy it unfolded in this manner because can you imagine being miserable in a relationship for lifestyle you can create on your own? Can you imagine moving from a gorgeous condo in Woodland Hills, California to Charlotte, North Carolina and it still not work out? Can you imagine feeling the need to sacrifice everything (identity and independence included) to be loved?

I have no shame in my game!!! I’ve made a lot of money and blown a lot of money. Despite popular belief, I don’t have it all together but each day I DO MY BEST, and each day, my best gets BETTER.

Here’s to new beginnings, never giving up, and following your heart 🍻

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