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HS Basketball Player Punches Opposing Player While Shaking Hands After The Game

You rarely see any fights in sporting events after the game is over.

Apparently, one high school kid didn’t care about that and had to get his punches in before they left the court.

Both teams were shaking hands in the viral video as every other high school team does in America when the game is over. When the kid came to the first guy in line, he gave him a vicious two-piece, and the other guy immediately went down.

Surprisingly, it didn’t start a brawl.

Nevada’s boys basketball team opened its season with a 72-47 victory over Carlisle, but it was the action after the game that caught people’s attention.

As the two teams exchanged handshakes on the sidelines of Carlisle’s court, a Wildcats player wound up and punched a Nevada player twice, once in the stomach and once in the face. The Nevada player fell back into a teammate, who then wrestled the Carlisle player to the ground.

The Carlisle player was charged Wednesday with Willful Injury – Causing Serious Injury, which is a Class C felony. According to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday, the victim “received a serious enough concussion to render him unconscious” and he sustained a cut on his mouth that required four stiches.

The video showing the fight lasts 9 seconds, and there is no indication of why the fight started. The video ends with the Carlisle player on the ground and players from both teams trying to break up the fight.

Nevada is 1-0 to start the season, while Carlisle is 0-2.

Wonder what caused him to get so mad. Whatever it was, he might be in the wrong sport. The kid needs to take up boxing.

I would be mad if I was the guy who got knocked out and my teammates didn’t fight back in my honor.

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