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Zion Williamson Has Been Skipping Rehab Sessions and Falling Asleep in Meetings

Every day it seems like a new Zion story comes out.

The new one now is about how seriously he’s taking his rehab. It comes after reports of him having a setback in the recovery of his foot and having been shut down.

According to Jake Madison of the Locked On Pels podcast, Zion has skipped rehab workouts and falling asleep during film sessions.

If you’ve had the misfortune of watching the 8-21 Pelicans play, you wouldn’t blame Zzz-ion for catching a few extra Zs whenever the film rolls.

After tweeting that Williamson’s questionable professionalism could’ve caused his recent setback, Jake Madison listed specific examples of Zion’s laissez-faire approach to rehabbing near the French Quarter.

Though technically in his third year with the Pelicans, Zion has yet to play a game this season. He’s currently hampered by soreness from offseason surgery on his right foot. He missed 11 games last season and was limited to just 24 total games as a rookie in 2019-20.

There is one thing he hasn’t missed, though, and that’s a meal. In fact, his jaw is seemingly working at an Olympic-like pace. Reports from earlier this fall said Zion was tipping the scales at around three bills. And those whispers have only, ummm, grown.

For the foreseeable future, it appears Zion is more likely to dunk donuts than basketballs.

This is very concerning because he’s supposed to be their franchise player, and he hasn’t been able to stay on the court. Plus, he isn’t taking the game as seriously as a franchise player should.

This seems like it is heading for a divorce. Zion Williamson doesn’t seem happy or excited about being with the Pelicans. He does seem to love that New Orleans food though, whatever the case, don’t be shocked if he misses the entire season.

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