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Brittany Renner Takes Shots at Fresh and Fit Host Myron Gaines

Brittany Renner has gone viral again.

This time people are on her side.

Renner joined the Off the Record podcast with the hosts of male self-improvement podcast “Fresh and Fit” Myron Gaines and Walker Weeks to talk about one of them saying he warns men about women like Renner.

They weren’t ready at all for what she had to say. She clapped back saying they weren’t special and had them stumbling over their words. She then talked about why she didn’t want to do their podcast because it would have been a waste of time.

This specific clip blew up on Twitter and #BrittanyRenner was trending due to this situation.

The “Fresh and Fit” podcast allegedly aims to inspire men to self-improve through understanding how dating and women “operate”. This has not been the only instance in which Gaines has received backlash for something he has said on-air to a woman.

On a recent episode of “Fresh and Fit”, Gaines and Weekes hosted rapper Asian Doll, along with others. Gaines was criticized on social media for disrespecting Asian Doll for having side conversations during the podcast. Neither of these two episodes, the one with Renner or the one with Asian Doll, have been deleted.

This is a win for her and she finally has social media on her side for something.  The one thing people need to understand even if you WIN they still win as well because you came on their podcast. You put money in their pocket, so in this case, everyone is winning per se.

It is obvious everyone has found a lane here. Fresh and Fit, Ak and Renner. As long as everyone is happy that is really all that matters.

Flip the page to see the video and reactions. Social media hotly debated what happened on the podcast and if anyone is actually winner.

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