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ESPN Adam Schefter Torn His Meniscus Doing ‘The Griddy’

NFL Reporter Adam Schefter has suffered a meniscus tear after doing ‘The Gridy’ and may require surgery that’s if things do not improve in the next two weeks. I hope he gets better before two weeks to avoid heading to the theatre for surgery.

Total Pro Sports:

According to Marcus Spears, Adam Schefter has fallen to a meniscus tear. The NFL journalist may require surgery, but that will depend on how the next two weeks go.

On Wednesday, pro football’s top insider appeared on “NFL Live” and says he underwent an MRI and fears that he tore his ACL hitting the Griddy prior to the kickoff of a Monday Night Football game.

“We don’t know that it was [the Griddy]. I’m presuming, because shortly after that my knee began bothering me.”

“So it can’t be proven that it was from that,” Schefter continued. “But it could’ve been that twist right there!” he said after watching back the footage.

Here is why the Griddy has become popular in the NFL.

The Griddy dance has its origins back in High School football, through a friend of one of Justin Jefferson’s college teammates.

Allen Davis, a New Orleans native perfected the dance in 2017, with it going viral in the local community at the time.

Davis then showed his moves off to Ja’Marr Chase – now at the Cincinnati Bengals.

Chase then showed it to Jefferson, who adopted the dance.

As Jefferson helped steer LSU to that national championship, he brought out the Griddy.

The rest, as they say, is history…

Once you hit a certain age, you just have to understand that you can’t do young people’s dances anymore. I almost tore a ligament in my ankle taking down Christmas lights the other day, sometimes you just need to stick to the two-step and shoulder lean.

Hope it is just a sprain Adam.

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