IG Model Dime Racks Hospitalized After Sea Organisms and Tuberculosis Found in Her Butt Fat After Botched BBL Surgery – BlackSportsOnline
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IG Model Dime Racks Hospitalized After Sea Organisms and Tuberculosis Found in Her Butt Fat After Botched BBL Surgery

Instagram model named Dime Racks is currently battling for her life in the hospital after developing tuberculosis in her butt after BBL surgery. According to her doctor, she has “organisms” and “tuberculosis” in her butt fat. There is a price to pay for these surgeries and Racks is paying it.

This is insane according to MTO News:

Last month Diamond went to a popular IG doctor, who specializes in body modification – and got a new BBL – or a Brazilian Butt Lift. She already had undergone multiple BBLs before – so her latest surgery was supposed to be a quick “re-up.”

But something went wrong, and now Diamond has “sea organisms” growing in the fat in her butt. Diamond leaked a video yesterday, of her talking with her doctor. In the video, which MTO News reviewed, the doctor can be heard telling the beauty that she has “sea organisms” and “tuberculosis” in her butt fat.

As you could imagine she wasn’t pleased and voice her frustrations on Instagram after being told she has to spend six weeks in hospital.

So unfortunately I just found out that I will be having to stay in the hospital for six weeks & maybe more…… November 29 I received surgery from bright_plasticsurgery operated by dr brewster I RECEIVED LIPO AND GOT MY HIPS DONE !! things became a tragedy I got an infection which I was told by Dr. Brewster it is normal and I do not have an infection. And i was seeking pain pills ( i don’t even smoke) he was rude and nasty to me mind u ! the infections in the tools that he used on me are so extreme that I have to be admitted AGAIN and put on anabiotic‘s for a very long time and they told me that I could be there for six weeks or more I am very depressed about this whole situation but I definitely will learn from this whole experience. it’s crazy how they reached out to me made me sign a contract just to mess me up and not even care to clean the tools before using them on me . This has made me very emotional and depressed. I won’t even have nobody by myself during this journey. That’s the part that saddens me also. I don’t deserve this and neither do any of you all. So please don’t book them. I can’t even be around my kids either because they are not allowed here 💔 my life really sucks right now but i know how to stay strong trust me i been through ALOT. This ine gone kill me but if it do know i died not giving up. I appreciate any love or support from y’all.

It is a cold world out there, bundle up.

Flip to the next page to watch a video of Dime Racks looking distraught after her doctor speaks about the sea organisms floating in her butt fat.

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