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Jussie Smollett’s Hoax Co-Conspirator Bola Osundairo Challenges Jake Paul to a Boxing Match

One of the Osundairo brothers involved in Jussie Smollet’s fake crime case is issuing a boxing challenge to YouTuber Jake Paul. Bola Osundairo wants to battle it out with Jake Paul in the boxing ring. The question is will Jake Paul accept his challenge and battle with him in the boxing ring?

You know something I would be down for this. I think the PPV buys would be through the roof if we are being honest and Osundairo has legit boxing experience.

Here is what he had to say.

TMZ Sports talks to Abimbola — aka Bola — about his burgeoning boxing career … when the conversation turned to The Problem Child.

“Kick rocks. More like the great white hype. And I want you Jake Paul, and I’m coming after you. And we’re gonna wipe the hype.”

Osundairo then had a message for Paul.

“Quit running. It’s time for you to face a boxer. I’m not too advanced, you probably started before me. So we probably have the same amount of experience. What are you running from?”

He also took a shot at the opponents Jake’s beaten.

“Stop going after old washed-up UFC fighters. They’re not boxers. They don’t want to box you. Leave them alone.”

Of course, Bola and his brother became overnight celebs after admitting Smollett paid them to carry out the hoax attack in Chicago back in 2019.

Osundairo has an amateur record of 9-3 with no knockouts, but he has never been knocked out himself. He just fought four times in four nights (not unusual in the amateurs) and won all four fights. If he did fight Jake Paul it would be his professional debut. I wouldn’t put it past Paul to entertain this because it is all about putting on a show and making as much money as possible.

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