Lamar Odom on Cheating on Taraji P. Henson With Khloe Kardashian And Calling Social Media ‘Worse Than CRACK” – BlackSportsOnline
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Lamar Odom on Cheating on Taraji P. Henson With Khloe Kardashian And Calling Social Media ‘Worse Than CRACK”

Lamar Odom is a recovering drug addict and he’s got something terrible to say about social media and the lies being spread by the media on the socials. A 2019 interview where Lamar Odom talked about how he dumped Taraji P. Henson for Khloe Kardashian has resurfaced and users of Twitter and other social media apps are having a field day. Lamar is pissed off that the 2019 interview is in the trends in 2022 and getting sh*t on for what he said about Taraji.

Lamar Odom says that social media is ‘worse than the most lethal drug’. The Daily Mail:

Lamar Odom hit out at backlash he received on social media — and the institution as a whole — for breathing new life into comments made about his ex Taraji P. Henson in 2019.  The former NBA star, 42, and recovering drug addict boldly called social media ‘worse than the most lethal drug’ after his name was smeared for a resurfaced interview.

In a clip from an episode of TV One’s show Uncensored making the rounds, Lamar had discussed how he left Henson, 51, for Khloe Kardashian, 37, which caused Twitter to light up.

In a January 2 post Odom called social media toxic, showed his love for Henson, and said that if the TV network was going to continue showing the interview he deserved royalties at the least.  The text accompanied a graphic which read:  ‘I see the tabloids are clout chasing to gain followers, its 2022 cut the games!’

‘@theshaderoom @tvonetv @uncensoredtvone WHY is an interview from 2019 being shown and played? Where are my royalties since it seems as if I am in syndication. @tarajiphenson nothing but love for you always. Lets not feed the masses.

‘Social media is worse than the most lethal drug, we have become addicted to fake news, gossip, lies. We make negativity and violence trending topics, double edged sword. I’m going to continue to choose the high road, if you know me you know.’

In the resurfaced interview Odom had admitted to leaving the Empire actress (who he dated under the radar in 2009) for Khloe who he proposed to just weeks after they began their whirlwind romance.

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