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Want Better Internet Speed? Here Are Some Killer DIY Ways to Achieve That

We always wish to have unending and uninterrupted internet connectivity. Whether we’re binge-watching our favorite show or gaming all night or even streaming live! However, there are times when this goes out of hand and our internet becomes disruptive.

Even if you’re having an internet connection from a reputed internet service provider such as spectrum internet, you should be vigilant enough to do something about it yourself. ISPs such as Spectrum Internet bring competitive services with outstanding connectivity.

But if it isn’t your ISP messing up your internet then perhaps it might be at your end. We’re about to share some killer DIY ways you can use to enchant your internet connection and have better speed. Let’s begin!

Shut Down Your Browser

Irrespective of what browser you’re using, you need to shut it down. There are literally some people that keep numerous tabs opened on their browsers while not shutting it down or the machine for weeks (some even take this to the next level).

As a result, the system is bound to keep the data of the websites you’re running in the tabs in its cache memory (we’ll see this later). Since you’re accessing these websites regularly, it keeps a dedicated internet speed to them.

Ultimately, you don’t have the internet speed you want to stream and then you ask yourself “why haven’t I looked for the best internet service provider in my area?”. The truth is you have, but there should be a balance in how you use it.

Therefore, when you’re done with your work, ensure that you close as many tabs as possible. In addition, you can just close the browser and re-run the tabs by accessing history. At least, it will keep internet speed at a better scale for your machine.

Adjusting Your Router

Another important factor that contributes to good internet speed is your router. Your wireless router transmits Wi-Fi signals wirelessly. However, if it’s placed someplace where it’s not able to reach your devices, you should change its position instantly.

For instance, if you’re spending most of the time in the upper story of your place and the router is placed on the ground floor, lags will accompany the signals for sure. This is because there’s too much in between the signals.

Make sure to keep it on the same floor or remain on the same floor as your router for better connectivity. In addition, you should also keep it in a remote position, maybe close to windows, to give ample space for the signals to travel.

In addition, you can also reset your router settings. This is to make sure that all settings are reverted to default. Moreover, it also resets your connection with your internet service provider. In case you feel it’s too much of a hassle, you can download a timer reset for your router.

Time it in a manner that it resets your router automatically after some time. This way you can expect to have a refreshed connection now and then.

Using Ethernet LAN

Wireless signals can face lags at any time. Since there’s no dedicated speed given wirelessly, you’ll not see a streamlined internet speed for your device. However, this hassle can be solved with an Ethernet cable.

With an Ethernet cable, your device is directly connected to the internet device. Instead of having wireless connectivity, you can get internet straight from the source. As a result, you not only see streamlined connectivity but the speed is actually improved too!

Moreover, if you’re an avid gamer or someone that is constantly streaming, then you should be using an Ethernet cable. Why? Because you can assign yourself dedicated speed through the Ethernet port.

This happens when Ethernet LANs are connected with the router. Accessing the router administration panel, you can see what internet speed is being transmitted on each port. There, you can change the settings and assign a dedicated portion of your internet’s speed.

For instance, if you have an internet connection of 100 Mbps, your Wi-Fi will be transmitting equal speed, based on the devices and usage. However, by connecting an Ethernet wire and then changing the settings, you can allow 50 Mbps on the LAN port and leave the remaining for other devices!

Blocking Ads

In case you’re a fan of ads, don’t be! As entertaining and tempting they might be, ads are responsible for ruining your internet’s speed. Haven’t you noticed how your video is struggling to run, constantly buffering while the ad runs in HD display?

This is because they’re designed to be run in that quality, juicing on internet speed. But once you block ads, you’ll feel the difference in your speed. The internet speed that goes into running ads will be free for your internet workability. So, download an ad blocker and get rid of ads now!

Install a Good Antivirus

Although most people often don’t recommend installing one since it can slow down your machine, a good antivirus not only protects your device but your internet as well.

When a machine gets attacked with malware, the virus generates thousands of copies of itself. These copies are generated as a chain reaction when a certain virus-infected file is run by the user on the device.

Connected with the internet, the virus than downloads the copies automatically and keeps downloading them until the entire system is sabotaged. Not only this but all devices connected to such a device are also affected.

Let’s not discuss, your internet will automatically be directed towards downloading malware-infected files. In the end, there won’t be enough juice for your system or the internet to counter the attack.

That is why you not only need to install a good, premium version of antivirus but also block third-party websites, downloads and ads. This’ll ensure that your system doesn’t download any malicious files and your system automatically protects itself and your internet.

Closing Thoughts

Considering the above ways, you can surely work on creating more juice for your internet. In addition, you can also reach out to your internet service provider and ask for a better plan or a deal to enhance your internet’s speed!