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Watch Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancée Brittany Matthews Spray Champagne On Fans After Chiefs Beat Bills

Patrick Mahomes fiancée Brittany Matthews was overly-excited and had to spray champagne on fans after the Chiefs comeback playoff victory. Brittany also called out people who doubted the Chiefs team. She hopped on Twitter and tweeted, saying, “NEVER DOUBT US.”

Total Pro Sports:

The Kansas City Chiefs are advancing in the playoffs after the Buffalo Bills came into Arrowhead stadium gave them everything they had, but still came up short.

After winning, Patrick Mahomes fiancee, Brittany Matthews, took to Twitter and exploded over the ending of the game while calling out the doubters.

Josh Allen and the Bills were firing on all cylinders in the closing minutes of Sunday night’s divisional-round showdown with the Chiefs, several times appearing to secure an upset of the reigning AFC champions in Kansas City.

However, Patrick Mahomes was also on his game as he lead the Chiefs on a last-minute drive to set up a game-tying field goal, then finding Travis Kelce on the first possession of overtime to send K.C. back to the AFC title game with a 42-36 victory.

Patrick Mahomes is a very likable person. It is just a wonder how he ended up with a fiancee that is so unlikable. His brother is his blood, so he can do nothing about that, but being with Matthews is a choice. Granted, she was with him when no one thought he would become this likely Hall of Fame QB, but there are limits to your loyalty.

I am not going to get on her that much for spraying the fans, assuming most of them were Chiefs fans. I might be a little salty considering how the game ended if I was a Bills fan.

It is still time for Mahomes if you want to pull a Russell Wilson. Absolutely no one would be mad at that.

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