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Watch Viral Video Of Coach Strangling a Referee On The Court During Basketball Game

A video of a coach choking a referee on the court during a basketball game has gone viral on the internet, and it’s wild. What could have led to the confusion that led to the coach choking the ref on the court? The coach probably thought his team was being cheated and had to pounce on the referee.

Via Yardbarker:

Like many sports, basketball serves as an escape for countless individuals. As a sport that rewards virtues like hard work, dedication, and teamwork, the game of basketball offers players and spectators a truly special experience.

At times, however, things can get out of hand. On Twitter, user EGB Hoops posted some footage he witnessed at a youth basketball game, which apparently involved a coach strangling a referee on the sidelines.

The whole thing got pretty wild and seemingly evolved into an all-out brawl. We do not have any additional information on how the incident started or how it ended, but it’s safe to say this is something we’ve never really seen before.

In response, countless Twitter users chimed in with their own thoughts on the scene, expressing shock and disappointment at what transpired during what we assume to be a youth game.

Youth sports have gotten extremely violent over the last decade. Parents, coaches, players, and fans have all been caught on tape contributing to brawls across the country. This referee is probably making $50 for this game and almost had his life taken from him.

We are a very angry society that is prone to violence at a drop of a dime. It shouldn’t be that way in a civilized society, but here we are. No word on if any arrests were made or what happened afterward. Damn shame it had to come to this.

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