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Deshaun Watson in Deposition Will Say All Happy Endings Were Consensual

Have you been wanting an update with Deshaun Watson? Well here it is.

At least the on field update.

Watson still doesn’t want to be with the Texans and the team is still planning on trading him. The problem is everyone knows about his current legal issues that caused him to miss all of last season.

Despite that, the Texans still have a high asking price for Watson according to The Athletic.

Per The Athletic‘s Jeff Howe, the Texans “don’t plan to lessen their asking price [for Deshaun Watson], which has been five to seven assets, including three first-round picks.”

It’s going to be hard to get what they’re asking for until the legal issues are over though. Speaking of which Watson tried to get his deposition pushed back but the judge said hell no.

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson must undergo depositions in connection to at least some of the 22 assault allegations made against him before April, a judge on Monday ordered.

Lawyers involved in civil litigation against the athlete on Monday argued whether Watson should wait until after April 1 to take questions on the allegations. His attorney, Rusty Hardin, expressed concern that depositions could provide evidence in a separate criminal investigation being conducted by the Houston Police Department.

Despite the heavy focus on the criminal investigation during the hearing — Watson has not been charged with a crime. Search warrant documents from October indicate that a charge of indecent assault — a misdemeanor offense — could be filed against him based on at least eight reports of sexual assault. The FBI is reportedly looking into the allegations as well.

It is a very interesting situation because almost everyone including Watson and his lawyer agree that Watson got a few happy endings and often time exposed himself during massages, but Watson claims it was always in a consensual way.

That seems to be good enough for some times to go ahead and trade for Watson IF he settles the cases and isn’t charged with a felony.

It will be interesting to see if this is cleared up by the draft.

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