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Four Teams That Could Be Interested In Trading for Carson Wentz

After trading a hefty amount of draft capital to acquire Carson Wentz, the Indianapolis Colts could be on the verge of shipping Wentz out of town.

After a disastrous end to his season, the Colts are reportedly set to either trade or cut the ex-Philadelphia Eagle. No one knows why, but it’s safe to assume Colts general manager Chris Ballard realizes that Wentz isn’t the answer now, and won’t be the answer moving forward.

It’ll be hard for the Colts to even sniff the compensation they paid for Wentz’ services if they do indeed decide to offer him to teams around the league. Either way, Wentz looks likely to be on a new team next season.

Here are the teams could be interested in trading for Wentz.

Broncos: “Aaron Rodgers is the dream, but a far-fetched one, considering his improved relationship with the Packers. Unless it’s Russell Wilson (also unlikely) or Deshaun Watson (who has a big off-field asterisk), would they rather pay for Jimmy Garoppolo, who’s maybe slightly safer than Teddy Bridgewater? With plenty of cap space, they could afford to pair Wentz with a rookie and give themselves multiple options after 2022.”

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Buccaneers: “They’d much prefer a safer, superstar fix after Tom Brady’s (temporary?) retirement, so Rodgers, Wilson and Watson will all get looks. Garoppolo and Jameis Winston might, too. But Bruce Arians has talked highly of Wentz before, and like all the other teams here, they’d have the flexibility of totally resetting in 2023 anyway.”

Commanders: “They need a QB, they’ve never been afraid of veteran swings, and yet Ron Rivera needs something more than another free-agent flyer.”

Steelers: “While a Rodgers trade would be sweet for both parties, they feel far more likely to go with a soft rebuild at QB as Mike Tomlin wades into post-Ben Roethlisberger waters. Wentz offers some traits of a younger Ben, and his arrival wouldn’t preclude them from drafting a QB.”

Who knew that Wentz was in such high demand.

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