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Nick Cannon on If He Considers All His Baby Mamas Sister Wives

Nick Cannon, who is bent on bringing forth more babies on this planet, has opened up about romantic relationships with his multiple baby mommas. According to Nick, who is expecting his 8th child with Jonny Manziel’s ex-wife Bre Tiesi, some of his baby mommas deal with romantic relationships better than others.

TJB has more on Nick Cannon’s talks about romantic relationships with his baby mommas.

Talk show host Nick Cannon shared his podcast session with TV therapist Dr. Laura Berman. During their sit-down, he talked about how he handles having a lot of children and relationships.

“All of them obviously but how many do you have romantic relationships with the kids keep coming so it’s like it’s all all of the i mean obviously uh mariah and i co-parent very well so yeah she and i are just like we’re really great friends and she’s kind of taught me so much so like that’s a that’s about the phrase.”

“Yeah that’s a different and you were married to her also and that’s a different kind of it’s a different but but these other five is it like a sister wives not that they’re watching it’s definitely not that they don’t want any parts of any polygamy but do they know that you’re romantically or physically and or physically involved with that i think the world knows what i assumed at first was that you were co-parenting you know not only with mariah but with these other mothers and maybe one of them the most recent one you are in a relationship with.”

“Life’s complicated, you know. Some of the women that I’m involved with deal with it better than others. I think they’re all confident and secure in themselves to even have to deal with a person like me.”

Cannon wouldn’t rule out having more kids.

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