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Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson Gets Rejected Trying to Kiss Woman Against Her Will in Vegas

A video of Jackson Mahomes getting turned down by a woman for trying to kiss her against her will in Las Vegas has hit the web, and it is sort of embarrassing. This isn’t surprising since he’s known for such things that get him into the news and trends. Obviously, the lady didn’t want to lock lips with him and had to snub him savagely.

Total Pro Sports has more on Jack Mahomes trying to lock lips with a woman against her will in Las Vegas.

The brother of Kansas City Chiefs is out and about in Las Vegas as his brother completes his duties at the Pro Bowl.

While out in the city, Jackson was spotted at a local mall and recorded trying to kiss a girl against her will. She savagely declined his efforts.

For someone that life is dedicated to TikTok, you would think that Jackson Mahomes would be a better dancer. He is terrible, and considering how much he does it, one would figure that he would get better at it after a certain period of time, but he hasn’t. I know Patrick Mahomes has to get tired of waking up each day to his brother embarrassing him in some shape, form, or fashion.

It appears it was the young lady’s birthday, and while she found Jackson humorous, that doesn’t mean she wanted his lips on him. If this were an actual athlete, there would be more of an uproar about that, but since it is just Mahomes’ brother, people just shrug because they are used to this type of clown behavior from him.

There is a reason you never see Patrick around when this stuff is happening.

Social media is a hell of a drug. Eventually, he is going to do this to the wrong person and get knocked out. It is sad seeing a grown man act like this because he is hurting to be living in his brother’s shadow.

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