Deshaun Watson’s Massage Accuser Lauren Baxley Writes Open Letter to Browns and Takes Shot at LeBron James – BlackSportsOnline
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Deshaun Watson’s Massage Accuser Lauren Baxley Writes Open Letter to Browns and Takes Shot at LeBron James

One of the 22 accusers of Deshaun Watson Lauren Baxley has called him out in a letter to the Cleveland Browns and also accused the fan base of “pretending Watson has been deemed innocent.”

In Lauren Baxley’s letter via The Beast;

“The choice to not indict Watson on our testimonies — that were deemed “highly credible” by prosecutors and the detectives who worked our criminal cases — opened a floodgate of abuse, slander, and libel toward us on the internet. The worst of the women-haters came out, declaring the no-bills proof that we were “prostitutes” all along.

The day before the grand jury convened to hear our testimonial evidence, a person named Coby DuBose tweeted his speculation that we plaintiffs would be charged with “misdemeanor prostitution,” which would be “funny” for our lawyers. His purported evidence that we were sex workers was based on the fact that many of Watson’s victims work and reside in Houston. DuBose went so far as to claim that his vile lies were the “prevailing sentiment.” Drew Davenport, defense attorney and “Footballguys” staff member, responded to these tweets by saying, “Excellent stuff.” When the prosecutors and grand jury failed us, tweets and comments of that nature multiplied exponentially.”

“A failure to charge or convict of a crime does not equate to innocence. Watson, his fans, and the Cleveland Browns pretending it does is not only ignorant, it is evil. I would include a certain NBA player along with the other disappointing excuses of men who in one breath may bring awareness to the struggles of marginalized Black women, and in the next praise the elevation of a man who abused dozens of them.

I would never expect a public figure to side with Watson’s victims. However, I do ask that anyone with a responsibility to uphold basic morality simply shut their mouths and log off Twitter when they are tempted to show him support.”

“The owner of the Browns insisted they “got comfortable” meeting Deshaun Watson before awarding him with his record contract. I will admit, Deshaun Watson also ensured I felt comfortable before he trapped and assaulted me in a massage session he had promised beforehand was going to be “professional” and “non-sexual.” That’s what ambush predators do. They disguise themselves as something they are not.”

The NBA player she is referring to is LeBron James who tweeted this when Watson was signed to the Browns.

“YESSIR!!!!! #LFG,” he wrote, with no shortage of emojis.

I find the last part where she talked about the Browns owner “getting comfortable” with Watson. It is interesting because it is possible Watson is a serial predator who is just good a hiding it, but others will believe many if not all the women are lying for money.

The sad thing in cases like this is that only two people know the truth, Watson and the women, so you as an individual have to decide who you believe, Watson or 22+ women?

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