Ex-NBA Michael Beasley Cries After Revealing How His Mom, Financial Advisor And Others Stole From Him – BlackSportsOnline
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Ex-NBA Michael Beasley Cries After Revealing How His Mom, Financial Advisor And Others Stole From Him

Ex-NBA star Michael Beasley couldn’t control himself and had to shed tears over how his mother, financial advisor, and others stole from him while sitting down with former NFL players Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor on “The Pivot Podcast”.

According to Michael Beasley, he doesn’t trust people anymore after her mom, financial advisor and others stole from him.

Here is more of Michael Beasley revealing how her mom stole from him.

Around the 21-minute mark, Beasley explained that at one time, he found out that his mother, his financial advisor and other people were stealing from him. Beasley added that he tried speaking to his family members about the bigger picture when it came to his money, but Michael revealed that they couldn’t comprehend.

The conversation deepens further as Beasley continues to emphasize the NBA players who have come before him and experienced off the court trouble, only to become a public punchline. For Beasley, the signs of young black celebrities asking for the same help he seeks are right in front of us.

“Despite everything you’re saying, people will still sit back and laugh at us,” said Beasley. “Look at what Antoine Walker went through and people just sat there and made jokes about it. Even Allen Iverson was a joke to them for a while.

“Being black is so fake right now. Motherf***rs only care when someone dies and it’s time for the cameras to show up. People are out here every day saying that they need help. It’s in the music we’re listening to. Everyone needs help, but everyone is out here walking like they have it all together.”

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