IG Model Sophia Elizabeth Kisses Paul Pierce and Says Tells Women “He’s Mine Now” – BlackSportsOnline
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IG Model Sophia Elizabeth Kisses Paul Pierce and Says Tells Women “He’s Mine Now”

Paul Pierce is no stranger to going viral because of some risqué video.

He and ESPN parted ways after he uploaded a video of him at home with a few strippers. It wasn’t on their dime or at the ESPN studios so not really sure why they were really mad unless they just didn’t like him.

Here is what is going on now with The Truth via Awesemo.

Celtics legend Paul Pierce, who was fired from ESPN last year after he posted a video in which he was at a gathering with strippers, is back at it with a new Video. Days after the initial raunchy video emerged, ESPN and Pierce “parted ways.” Pierce wasn’t too upset about that. He knew things with ESPN weren’t working out, according to SI.

The relationship between Pierce and the network had become strained over the past two years. Pierce hated the travel. Network executives didn’t think he was working hard enough. The video, industry sources told Sports Illustrated, was the last straw. “I was done with them, anyway,” says Pierce between pulls of lemon mint. “It wasn’t a great fit. There’s a lot of stuff over there that you can’t say. And you have to talk about LeBron all the time.”

“Paul Pierce showed off a new lady named Sophia Elizabeth in a series of PDA videos posted Tuesday to his Instagram Story.

The Celtics legend filmed the couple kissing before the brunette said, “He’s mine now b—hes,” while laughing in the camera.”

He’s not with the company anymore and no longer with his wife so he can now post himself with as many IG Models as he pleases. Which he did.

The Truth recently posted a video of him kissing his new lady friend Sophia who says he’s hers now.

He just has to remember to keep his posts PG-13.  They tease a longer tape might be dropped soon so keep an eye out.

Flip the page see the rating R video of Pierce and pics of Ms. Sophia Elizabeth.

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