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Fan Gets Thrown Out of Arena For Calling Javale McGee a B*tch and Challenging Him to a Fight

A fan was kicked out of the arena after calling JaVale McGee a b*tch in a heated back and forth quarrel. TMZ Sports says that Suns center Bismack Biyombo could be seen “motioning to have the guy thrown out of the arena for continuously yelling “f*** you” at McGee during a timeout.”

Here is how things went down:

In the latest edition of NBA Players vs. Fans — JaVale McGee got in a heated back-and-forth with a spectator in Orlando on Tuesday night … after the guy unleashed a series of F-bombs and called him a “bitch.”

The man — we’re assuming he’s not a Suns fan — was sitting close to the Phoenix bench as he started jawing at McGee.

If you listen closely, it appears another fan says, “Way to go, JaVale, you f***ing bitch,” in the background of the video.

Building staff eventually made its way over to the guy who got into it with McGee … and let him know he had to leave the game — which pissed him off even more.

“F*** you, bitch,” the guy said to McGee, who could clearly hear him.

Another fan appears to ask, “Aye, JaVale, you called me a p***y?” in the video as well … although it’s unclear if the two men were together or if it was a completely different interaction.

This is why I say they should let the players fight the fans. If fans saw McGee beat this man to a bloody pulp they would think twice about the language they used at games. You really think this clown would be talking to 7’1″ Javale McGee like this on the street? He would be running like a little girl if it was a one on one fight between them.

I hope McGee finds him somewhere and beats him up.

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