Rapper Mellow Rackz Accuses Her Own Security Of Setting Her Up To Be Robbed In Los Angeles – BlackSportsOnline
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Rapper Mellow Rackz Accuses Her Own Security Of Setting Her Up To Be Robbed In Los Angeles

Young Money artist Mellow Rackz was robbed and pistol-whipped yesterday after meeting a man for a date in Los Angeles and she’s here to give an update on the incident.

According to Mellow, her own security set her up to get robbed in Los Angeles via Vlad;

Less than 48 hours after getting assaulted and robbed for her jewelry in the presence of her security team, Young Money signee Mellow Rackz is now claiming that the muscle that she hired to protect her from would-be robbers might have had something to do with the ambush.

“Minor setback for a major comeback,” the rapper said on Instagram Live. “Just to clarify, my security is actually the people who [robbed me]. But you do it once, you could do it again…I just wanted to let you guys know…I did it again.”

While it isn’t exactly clear what the Florida native was implying after she declared that the assailants were her former employees, she didn’t appear to have suffered any major injuries due to the aforementioned incident. This may have served as a moral takeaway for Mellow Rackz considering the fact that she nearly died after being shot in the back during a previous assault.

You have to be careful out there, especially in Los Angeles. People are getting robbed left and right. Your security should be people you can trust and it is obvious that Mellow Rackz could not trust her security if they are setting her up to be robbed.

Not just robbed, but pistol-whipped as well. She has been shot before so maybe, just maybe she should hang out with some different people.

We will see if this launches her career to superstardom because sometimes that is what happens. Hope she has a full recovery and they arrest all the people who were involved in the robbery.

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