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Scouts Think LeBron James’ Youngest Son Bryce is a Better Prospect Than His Older Brother Bronny

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, in a recent interview with Dan Patrick, claims that LeBron James’ son Bryce James “is actually shaping up to be the better player” than his elder brother Bronny James.

According to Side Action;

Bronny and Bryce James are two kids who are under a microscope. Bronny is already getting plenty of looks from schools, and when he enters the dradt, the expectations are he’ll be drafted into the second round of the NBA. Meanwhile, Bryce is only 14 years old and is already getting more shine than his older brother.

Bronny is not going to like to hear that.

All of the talk about LeBron’s sons has been focused on Bronny, now Bryce comes out of nowhere to get a positive outlook on his basketball future. The big question is, would anyone care about either Bryce or Bronny as a basketball player if LeBron wasn’t their father?

This is what Brian Windhorst had to say during the interview with Dan Patrick.

“There are people who told me that Bryce actually might be the better prospect amongst the two,” Windhorst. “Bryce, I think, is 13 or something like that. I don’t know if we can go that far.”

This could be a Lonzo and LaMelo Ball situation. Lonzo being the oldest brother, got a lot of hype coming out of UCLA, but it is clear now that his younger brother LaMelo is a better player. Lonzo is a solid contributor, while LaMelo is likely to be a 10-time All-Star and potential All-NBA at some point.

Bryce has had the advantage to fly under the radar while all the spotlight has shined on Bronny. It is Bronny who has LeBron’s name and the one Bron always speaks about playing with. LeBron might have to stick around for a few more years if he wants to play with Bryce.

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