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911 Call From Ortensia Alcantara Trying to Save Kevin Samuels’ Life is Released

Ortensia Alcantara calls 911 and tries everything she can to save Kevin Samuels’ life. Because she is a nurse, she knows what she needs to save him, but sadly it wasn’t available, and help didn’t get there in time.

I know being a 911 operator is hard, but every time I hear one of these 911 calls, it is amazing how bad the operator is.

I understand it will always be stressful to deal with someone with an emergency, but if you aren’t really equipped to handle that, get another job.  You have to wonder if they were able to get Samuels help sooner, would he still be alive?

It’s clear to tell the woman who was with Kevin Samuels at the time of his medical emergency was desperate to save him, and those questioning whether or not foul play was involved in his death should have their answer … as you can hear in the 911 call.

We’ve obtained the audio from the call placed Thursday, the woman with Kevin tells the emergency operator she believes Kevin is experiencing an issue with his heart — possibly an irregular rhythm — while she continues to perform CPR.

The woman, who identifies herself as a nurse, says it’s her first time at Kevin’s apartment — and has trouble giving the 911 operator Kevin’s address.

As the call continues, the situation gets more desperate, the caller says he’s turning blue — and asks if the 911 operator can assist in calling his building’s front desk and ask if they had an AED in hopes to revive Kevin. However, the front office was closed.

Some people questioned if foul play was involved, but listening to the 911 call, it is hard to believe that Ms. Alcantara had anything to do with Samuels sudden passing and was doing her best to try to save his life in his final moments. It is heartbreaking to hear her tell Kevin to fight for his mom and daughter.

Time will tell if there was anything that caused his heart attack beyond natural causes.  It will be weeks before the toxicology report is released and a final cause of death is determined.

This was a tragedy.

Flip the page for the 911 call and more from Alcantara about how she is being harassed.

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